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Doctor Stories | UCSF Health

Get behind the white coats and discover what makes UCSF doctors tick: what inspires them, what they're passionate about, and the personal and professional experiences that make them the doctors they are today.

Dr. Andrea Jackson, obstetrician and gynecologist

Andrea Jackson

OB-GYN Dr. Andrea Jackson explains how college volunteer work inspired her to pursue a career devoted to better reproductive health for women.

Dr. Andrew Posselt, bariatric and transplant surgeon

Andrew Posselt

See how an early interest in taxidermy led Dr. Andrew Posselt to become a multifaceted surgeon who performs organ transplants, bariatric surgeries and a life-improving procedure for people with diabetes.

Dr. Carter Lebares, gastrointestinal surgeon

Carter Lebares

Inspired by life in a poor neighborhood to become a doctor and help people, Dr. Carter Lebares now specializes in gastrointestinal surgery methods that enable patients to heal faster.

Dr. Edward Chang, neurosurgeon

Edward Chang

Neurosurgeon Dr. Edward Chang explains how getting to know patients with brain disorders as individuals allows him to provide procedures that help them achieve their hopes and dreams.

Dr. Jeffrey Wolf, hematologist

Jeffrey Wolf

See why Dr. Jeffrey Wolf – a specialist in blood and bone marrow cancers with a focus on multiple myeloma – is excited about the future of treating patients with these conditions.

Dr. Larry Rand, perinatologist

Larry Rand

Perinatologist Dr. Larry Rand appreciates that by caring for patients with complicated pregnancies, he can help keep many lives on course.

Dr. Peter Carroll, urologist

Peter Carroll

Dr. Peter Carroll is one of the busiest prostate cancer surgeons in the world, yet he helped pioneer a less aggressive, nonsurgical approach to treatment that's a better option for many patients.

Dr. Steven Hays, pulmonologist

Steven Hays

See how pulmonologist Dr. Steven Hays works with the lung transplant team to make sure all patients, including those with complex needs, get the best possible outcome.

Dr. Tobias Deuse, cardiothoracic surgeon

Tobias Deuse

Heart and lung surgeon Dr. Tobias Deuse's readiness to embrace new technologies led him to help develop heart repair techniques that are easier on patients.